NYC Street Treats Tour Recap

Every year since we started shipping ice cream across the country in 2004, we’ve shipped more ice cream to New York City than anywhere else, by far.

No doubt, we were aided by an early endorsement from Dean & DeLuca (our ice cream was the first ever to be featured in their world-renowned catalog) and great press from The Times (in the first of what has become many mentions, they said our ice cream would be “worth a drive to Ohio”).

Today, there are 18 locations in the city where you can buy our pints and/or ice cream sandwiches. (If your local spot doesn’t have our ice cream sandwiches on the shelves yet, let them know you want them.)

Everywhere the Street Treats truck stopped last week, starting in the Upper East Side on Monday and ending in Brooklyn on Saturday, Jeni’s is available inside to buy. Though we wanted to scoop at all of our retail partners, we couldn’t, for a whole host of logistical reasons—not the least of which was we needed a guaranteed place to park.

That, of course, fell apart on Day #2 in SoHo when we had a run-in with Mister Softee.

(The above photo was taken in between a series of kicks and burly elbows thrown in our direction, though we feel like we got off pretty easy after reading this New York Post piece.)

For more on that brouhaha, see Day #2.

It was one hell of a week.

We scooped at Meatopia on Saturday. Jeni did the The Morning After show from Roberta’s on Sunday (listen here). The blog got so much traffic that night it crashed—before the tour even started. Then, from Monday through Saturday, we scooped at 11 retail partners, plus Warby Parker and Mucca Design, serving somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 people. In between all of that, Jeni did Martha Stewart Radio, we toured the James Beard House, visited Serious Eats, and had a deskside at The Times.

During that time there were 347 tweets and 222 Instagram photos tagged with the #jenisnyc hashtag.

Most important, we got the chance to connect face-to-face with a lot of long-time fans, new customers, cherished partners, and make a lot of new friends.

Get the blow-by-blow for each of the stops by clicking on the links below.

  • Day Two: Martha Stewart Radio, Dean & DeLuca SoHo, Mucca Design, Warby Parker, Murray’s Cheese
  • Day Three: Serious Eats, Foragers Chelsea, James Beard House, Valley Shepherd Creamery
  • Day Four: New York Times, Foragers DUMBO, Greene Grape Provisions
  • Double Bonus: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the week as captured by one of our ambassadors for the week, Will Mederski (Note: This is a photo album on our Google+ page—the photo album interface is one area where Google+ is killing Facebook.)