Our Tropical Tree Ice Creams

In keeping with our Winter Woods mood, it’s time to take a closer look at three new arrivals to our menu: Chocomole, Roxbury Road, and Banana French Toast.

Unlike the Winter Woods Collection’s Oregon Fir, Black Walnut Divinity, Birch + Marshmallows, or Cedarwood Vanilla, these new arrivals’ names may not broadcast “We come from trees” in their proper names. And yet all three exist thanks to trees. Chocomole and Roxbury Road, packed with chocolate, are derived the cocoa trees of the tropics, while Banana French Toast exists, yes, thanks to banana trees.

And while we don’t harvest the cocoa and bananas ourselves, we’re not too far removed from the forests where these crops grow. When the ingredients arrive, our team immediately gets to the work of blending, boiling, salting, toasting, slicing, and pulverizing. Making Chocomole, Roxbury Road, and Banana French Toast calls for all kitchen hands on deck, and the process of making each of these flavors is almost as beautiful as the end product. Almost.

Up first: Chocomole This spicy milk chocolate ice cream that essentially is the old-school Jeni’s flavor Queen City Cayenne with Shagbark Gravel folded in. First we make the salty-sweet Shagbark Gravel, using flour, sugar, butter, and Shagbark Seed & Mill’s organic chips. The chips are crushed, blended with the other ingredients, toasted, tossed, and set aside to be added right before the pints and buckets go into the deep freeze:

Next, we make milk chocolate ice cream. It has a heat, thanks to cayenne pepper, that you taste on the finish:

After the ice cream is frozen in the machine, we extract it, add the Shagbark Gravel, and place it in the deep freeze (last step not shown):

Once it’s frozen in the deep freeze, voilà—Chocomole ice cream:

Roxbury Road is a more extravagant version of the traditional Rocky Road ice cream. The nutty, dark chocolate ice cream is made from scratch with Fair-Trade-Certified cocoa and is chock full of almonds, swirls of our caramel sauce, and our from-scratch vanilla bean marshmallows.

Here’s how we make it.

Crunchy, salted, and rough-chopped almonds and sheets of made-from-scratch marshmallows (which will be cut into into cubes) are prepped and set aside:

Marshmallows being cut into cubes (to be added to the ice cream later):

Time to make the dark chocolate ice cream using Fair-Trade-Certified cocoa:

Cocoa is boiled into a syrup (with sugar, honey,and water), then combined with grass-grazed Ohio milk:

Then, the mixture is added to the machine, frozen into ice cream, and extracted. After that, it officially becomes Roxbury Road when we add the nuts, our caramel sauce, and hand-made marshmallows:

Voilà—Roxbury Road ice cream:

Banana French Toast, like Chocomole, features one of our Gravels, in this case French Toast Gravel. It’s base is Bananas + Honey ice cream, which is made with perfectly ripe bananas, grass-grazed Ohio cream, and Ohio wildflower honey.

Here’s how we make Banana French Toast ice cream. First we make the French Toast Gravel, which is sweet and salty, with pecans, french toast, cinnamon, coffee, and maple syrup:

Bananas and mashed and blended with dairy, turned into ice cream, then the mix if blended with French Toast Gravel:

The blending of the Bananas + Honey ice cream with the French Toast Gravel:

Voilà—Banana French Toast ice cream:

Chocomole, Roxbury Road, and Banana French Toast ice creams—available now in grocery stores, in our scoop shops, and online.