Our pints have a new look!

This is going to be a year of beautiful ice cream! Seven of our most celebrated flavors over the last 15 years now have gorgeous new designs (with more on their way) and will be taking over shelves across America over the next few months. Our new pints evoke the colorful energy of our company. They look just like they taste—beautiful, elegant, joyful, and deeply delicious. And they tell an even greater story of what’s inside the pint.

Art plays a huge role in everything we do. And so I want to share a bit about how we arrived at this banging new look, led by the Jeni’s Art + Design team.

Two years ago we launched our first major pint redesign. A study in clarity with an emphasis on what was inside because that is what mattered. Stark white pints with the flavor name positioned dead center and written boldly in our juicy orange (Pantone 172). An ingredient list printed as large as it would fit so you can clearly read every word because we are proud of every single thing inside our ice creams. We didn’t use a pre-fab font—every letter was meticulously hand-drawn by our creative team.

I love these pints. Mid-century, mid-American in style. Almost undesigned in a way. A look that resonated with many and helped move us to a new level.

Our original design with handwritten flavor names, the 2015 redesign, and our latest iteration.

But as we have expanded our reach beyond scoop shops and onto grocery store shelves, we’ve come to realize we need to be ever bolder. To not just tout our flavor names and ingredients loud and proud, but the name of our company as well. The instant you see our pints through a freezer, you should know it was made by Jeni’s and a little bit about what’s inside. Because, let’s face it, what’s inside is still the most important thing.

When we started our pint redesign almost a year ago we began with a logo refresh. I have always felt that our logo was lovely, similar to my own signature, but because of the “j” descender it never quite fit right on signage, packaging or T-shirts. The “j” was always so much bigger than the “eni’s.”

Our new logotype is friendly and inviting, and retains all the character and soul of our old logo.

This year, we finally tackled that problem with a woman who is the superstar of American hand-drawn logos, Jessica Hische (look her up; she’s done amazing work for people like Wes Anderson and Southern Living). We are very happy with the result. It’s friendly and inviting, and retains all the character and soul of our old logo (in fact, I bet you didn’t even notice it changed), but turns up the energy by 1,000 percent. Our new logotype is now the showpiece of every pint.

To create the supporting design, we asked ourselves: What sets our ice creams apart from the rest? It’s more than the body, texture, and clean finish and flavor of our ice creams; made with a specific recipe I’ve worked more than two decades to get right. Every flavor we make tells a story. Is inspired by art, culture, history. Takes hundreds of people working tirelessly to bring it to life—family-run dairies, farm partners, our R&D, sourcing, and creative teams. Our pints should capture and celebrate these stories.

In a nod to our original plastic pints, every flavor name is written in a unique, handwritten script. Underneath is the flavor description highlighting the amazing ingredients inside. On the side are stories from me about the flavor—from inspiration to process to partners. Read this panel if you want to go a little deeper. And, as usual, our ingredients are printed large because we are so proud of everything in there.

Every pint has its own two-color palatte that alludes to the amazing flavor found on the inside. Salty Caramel—a flavor that’s become ubiquitous with the name Jeni’s—gets the VIP treatment dressed in our signature orange. Ice creams with multiple flavors inside, like Supermoon and Coffee with Cream & Sugar, get two-toned treatment with a diagonal stripe through the center.

Some of these extraordinary flavors will soon be available at fine grocers across America and we hope you’ll support them. There are so many great grocers, small and large, who support emerging companies and local talent, and they deserve your patronage. You can bet that if they have our ice cream it is because they are committed to stocking their shelves with quality products that are made with love and passion.