Poster-ized Sundae No. 5: The Banana Cheesecake

The Banana Cheesecake, by Lori Bailey, is the fifth sundae to be poster-ized during our Summer of Gravel. (Remember, we’re doing this every week.)

If you’d like to make your own Banana Cheesecake in our shops or at home*, here’s what to use:

Thanks, Lori.

Great use of props there with the handwritten blueprints in a notebook, and great job of updating cheesecake using Cloverton ice cream, which we make with a soft farmstead cheese from Laurel Valley Creamery.

To be eligible to win a poster of your sundae next week, all you have to do is:

  1. Build the sundae
  2. Name it
  3. Shoot it
  4. Tag it: #jenisgravel
  5. Post it between now and 11 p.m. Thursday July 11
  6. Go to and check out all the sundaes being made throughout America

Sundaes made at home are 100% eligible.

Happy Graveling!