Proud to be a B Corp Best For The World honoree

When I started Jeni’s, I went about building a business the way I thought it should be done; creating the type of company my 12-year-old self would want to work at. I thought that’s how everybody does it. It’s most certainly NOT the usual, but it took me a very long time to realize how wonderful and unique that is. 

It’s why I prefer the word “company” over “business” because it means community. It means you are not alone. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that the community thrives. 

At Jeni’s, we have never forgotten that we exist for our community. Indeed that we ARE our community of human beings, and we are united and led by our shared values. Sustainability, living wages, diversity, and relationships are always first. It’s this community that makes our ice cream taste so much better — that community includes all of our makers, growers, and producers, as well as our team, our customers, and every neighborhood we touch. 

We are proud to be named among this year’s B Corp’s Best For The World honorees for serving our community and will use this recognition as wind in our sails and inspiration to continue to serve each other even better. 

And hopefully, inspire other entrepreneurs that if you put your people FIRST every other good thing will follow.