Rainbow Frozen Yogurt: Real & Magical

Our super-special, limited-edition Rainbow Frozen Yogurt — an über-creamy blend of Passion Fruit, Raspberry, and Lemon Frozen Yogurts — comes from a magical land way beyond the horizon.

It’s a land where cows graze all the green grass they desire to create deliciously creamy milk and tangy yogurt. Where passionate people hand-make good food with real ingredients. Where frozen yogurt powders and other shortcuts do not exist. Where (as seen in this amazing new video) stars sparkle behind every step and unicorns frolic with contented cows in lush pastures.

That land — the Ohio Valley.

And when it comes to our real and magical Rainbow Frozen Yogurt, you can have your cake and eat it too. Rainbow Frozen Yogurt is tart and creamy, reminiscent of your favorite sherbets, and lower in fat and calories than our ice creams. Plus, it’s made with the good-for-you, 100%-grass-fed Snowville milk and Seven Stars Farm’s biodynamic yogurt. And fruit. Real fruit.

Rainbow Frozen Yogurt. It’s real. It’s magical. And — spoonful by spoonful — it will enlighten your spirit this winter.

Ultra-creamy, ultra-flavorful, ultra-refreshing Rainbow Frozen Yogurt. Available at and in all scoop shops.