Record Store Day & Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl

Record Store Day, an international celebration of independent music shops and the music they provide the people, is Saturday April 20. With it’s arrival comes special releases galore, including fancy small-run offerings from the Black Keys, the Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and so many more (see the full list here).

Here at Jeni’s headquarters in Columbus we’ve been in a music mood for a few months now, what with Flavors From Earth, our own in-house LP by Jeni’s Company Band, providing a sweet soundtrack in our offices and kitchen. The limited-edition record sounds superb in digital form, too, but there’s definitely something warmer and richer about the experience when you drop that needle into the groove.

Lost Weekend Records owner Kyle Siegrist, speaking recently during a recent WOSU interview about the ongoing vinyl resurgence, said there’s a time and place for music on an iPod, “but if you have friends over you have dinner you have people out whatever, you put a record on everyone’s kind of drawn into it. You pass the jacket around look at it. You don’t have that same experience with the digital nature.”

So, come April 20, make some time to step into your favorite record shop and pick up a real-deal record. Don’t have a record player? Most indie shops these days are stocking those, too. If you haven’t heard music in LP form for a while — or if you’ve never heard it in LP form — you’ll probably be surprised at quality of the sound.

In the meantime, here are couple of choice ways to get into the mood. Check out Last Shop Standing, the official Record Store Day film, and this excellent Joel Oliphant article about Musicol Recording Studio, which presses vinyl in Columbus.