Ship it Back

ipad shipback

Consider for a moment Styrofoam.

The rock star of the shipping world, right? It’s sturdy, cheap, and lightweight, and because of it, ice cream and so many other wonderful things can travel fresh and frozen through the mail.

But Styrofoam’s indestructible nature, well, isn’t so good for nature. So, while we continue to research alternative modes of insulating your ice cream in transit, our new Jeni’s Ship Back Program is a step in the right direction.

Beginning today, every Jeni’s shipment will arrive with a postage-paid return label. Just leave the cooler and lid in the box and reseal the flaps so the new shipping label is visible. Then, schedule a pickup at, or drop it at any USPS or FedEx location or Jeni’s scoop shop.

We’ll reuse the cooler as many times as we can, which will reduce both our footprint and yours.