BeetleCat Coconut Pie Sundae

I met Ford Fry in Atlanta a few years ago and we hit it off immediately. He’s a great guy and a super talented chef, who understands that being an entrepreneur (he has 10 restaurants in the Atlanta area, 1 in Houston, and coming soon to Nashville) means constantly challenging yourself to be better every day. Last fall, I ran into Ford at a barbecue competition where he absolutely blew everyone else away with six globally inspired dishes. Every detail was on point.

The next night, we met up for bourbon (the source of all the best ideas) at his restaurant Superica, and we vowed to work together. It wasn’t tough to land on a source of inspiration—the addictive coconut pie served at BeetleCat, his oysterette in Atlanta. Now this pie is nothing close to your average coconut pie. Ford, being from Texas, loves over-the-top desserts and this thing is it in all the right ways. It has a graham cracker crust, and a bit more salt and vanilla than you’d expect, and then it’s topped with shredded flaked coconut. It’s so good, we couldn’t not make it into a sundae.

We did our best to replicate the pie in flavor and texture as well as emotion—it just feels good eating this sundae. Especially this time of year when we’re all craving something bright. The BeetleCat Coconut Pie Sundae (in shops now!) is Salty Caramel ice cream topped with Salty Caramel sauce, toasted and sweetened coconut flakes, honey graham cereal, and raw honey coconut whipped cream.

My interpretation hits on the caramel notes of the sugar graham crust, as well as big coconut beats in sugared, toasted coconut flakes and billowy coconut-scented whipped cream. The somewhat humorous final element is honey graham cereal, which completely make this thing. They are truly the most perfect addition to the sundae, honey-lacquered and crunchy, with a slight oat finish. It’s bright and sunny—the exact thing I love eating this time of year. I hope you enjoy!