Snail of Approval

We believe in a lot of really good stuff here at Jeni’s. We believe that everyone should have access to fortifying and delicious fresh foods. That we are just one of many species that reside on this planet and we should treat it accordingly. That everyone should have the right to choose who they marry. That happiness should not be reserved just for special days. And that we all should enjoy our ice cream, just like our lives—slowly, thoughtfully, and with gratitude.

So when Slow Food Columbus asked us to consider applying for the Snail of Approval certification, there wasn’t much discussion. Of course we would submit ourselves to the review board. If we didn’t qualify, we knew that we would have some work to do.

Slow Food asked some tough questions. They made us think. They asked questions that got to the guts of who we are. How are we good? How are we clean? How are we fair?


No messing around with this one.

Best to just jump in headfirst.

Good. Yes, we’re good. It’s one of our non-negotiables. Only the best, most delicious ice cream leaves our kitchen. We’re nothing without our commitment to quality.

Clean. We think local, natural, from the earth ingredients make the best ice cream. They also make the least impact on the planet. We recycle and compost and are making fast work of our goals on the road to zero-waste to landfill.

Fair. Our farmers are our friends. We’re not fans of the middle man. While expensive certification isn’t always possible among our small farmer friends, sustainable practices abound. Living wages and employee sabbaticals are our norm. And while our fingers may be stained red from the number of strawberries we roast, a half an hour tending the employee garden covers those stains nicely.

From the beginning, Jeni has insisted that we have a purpose for being. If we aren’t bringing forward something new, something better tomorrow than today, then we have failed. It’s that same tenacity that insists that we make the world better because we are here. Communities should be stronger because of our efforts. Company is community. We take that very seriously 30%-of-our-net-profits-go-to-charity serious.
When we got word that the Board voted unanimously in favor of our application, you could say we were happy. We don’t do what we do because of certifications or awards. We just believe that we’re all in this together.

Thank you, Slow Foods Columbus. We are so very proud.