Stop #1: Dean & DeLuca Madison Ave

Dean & DeLuca has been great to us over the years.

Jeni’s was the first ice cream ever featured in their world-renowned catalog—putting us on the map for a lot of people—and Giorgio DeLuca loved it so much he put it on the menu at his restaurant Giorgione.

What better place to kick off the NYC Street Treats tour than Dean & DeLuca Madison Ave?

The truck rolled up a little after 12:00.

Then we started scooping.

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Folks were excited to see Jeni.

These girls may or may not have cut class…

Pallavi and a handful of other folks came over from The Met, which was cool.

Serious Eats was on the scene.

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From the outside looking in.

From the inside looking out.

Our menu for the week.

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See you at Grace’s Marketplace (3rd Ave and E 72nd St) tonight at 6:00!

(You can find the schedule and map for the week here.)