Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries

You want handmade ice cream? Truly handmade ice cream? No freaky stabilizers? No faux “artisanal” nonsense? No cheap shortcuts?
Check out labor-intensive-as-you-can-get Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries. It’s straight up all killer, no filler.
Find the summer on the menu at, in our scoop shops, and in your favorite grocery stores. The sweet corn ice cream is buttery and sweet and the swirls of black raspberry sauce adds a really nice sweet-tart perfume.
It takes a proverbial village to raise Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries. Hirsch Fruit Farm, an hour’s drive south of our Columbus, Ohio, kitchen, provides us the super-sweet sweet corn and the gorgeous sweet-tart black raspberries. (We trust the good people at Hirsch to do us and you right. They’ve been at it since 1890.) As soon as Hirsch’s crops arrive at the kitchen, the team gets to work, shucking the corn and cleaning the berries. Once they’re prepped, the corn and berries are on their way to being transformed into one our most popular ice creams every year.
Here’s how we do it:
Ohio sweet corn, from Hirsch Fruit Farm, arrives shortly after it’s picked. Through the seasonal flavor’s run, we’ll use 3,094 pounds of corn (24,752 ears).
We use not one kernel of corn from a can to make Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries. We shuck each ear and clean each ear by hand.
And then the fun begins. Enter the “Kill Tent” and say hello to our little friend…
The E-Z Creamer! We completely agree with reports, that, as corn cutters go, “this is the most the most complete corn-cutting system.”
Just checkout the action on this thing. If you’re building an ice cream from the Ohio ground up for the masses and don’t want to use canned corn and pre-made mixed and flavorings, you’re gonna need an E-Z Creamer.
With E-Z on the shelf, and the kernels off the cobs and creamed, it’s time to make some creamed corn. Corn is mixed with grass-grazed cream and cooked down and blended with Ohio wildflower honey from Amish country (northeast  Ohio). There’s no truer summer aroma than this.
The mixture is then strained, added to the ice cream machine, and will emerge as Sweet Corn ice cream.
Next, though, it’s time for the team to make Black Raspberry Sauce.
Beauties, right? We’re using more than 230 pounds of Ohio-grown, in-season black raspberries to make this ice cream.
Berries cleaned and prepped and boiled down with some black currants…
…and transformed into this eye-popping concoction, which when cooled, becomes one of the most delicious sauces you’ll taste.
Left: Sweet Corn ice cream emerging from the machine. Right: folding the Black Raspberry Sauce into each batch of Sweet Corn  ice cream.
Swirls of sublime Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream. It’s fantastic in a cup or a cone, or in a trio with whatever you think sounds like a perfect compliment. We like it with Queen City Cayenne and another summer superstar, Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk.