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Download the iPhone app here. Then do a search for “jenis.” (Usernames can’t have special characters, so there’s no apostrophe.) Piping meringues. — Jeni’s Ice Creams (@jenisicecreams) January 25, 2013  

Splendid Frozen Yogurts

Built from the ground up with superlative ingredients. No dried yogurt. No dried milk powder. No corn syrup. No gums. No flavorings. No preservatives. No aspartame. No RBGH. See the full line here.  

Enter to win ice cream—and an iPad mini!

Head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win our 17-pint Signature Collection.  Get three friends to sign up for a chance to win an iPad mini + the interactive edition of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. (Sponsored by our partners at Inkling and Artisan Books.)