The Dick & Jane Project

Between 1 and 2 this afternoon (EST), check in with CD102.5 FM  to catch new music by Yoni Mizrachi, who splits his time between Jeni’s and his band Maza Blaska.

Yoni, who was heavily involved with the Jeni’s Company Band album, lately has been busy with the Dick & Jane Project, which pairs musicians with school kids to teach them about the songwriting process.

Yoni recently paired with elementary students at Wickliffe Progressive School in Upper Arlington. He worked with the students to write lyrics, and then recorded songs for the album, Reimagine.

During the Dick & Jane Project’s album release party this afternoon at CD102.5, we’ll have ice cream there to help the kids celebrate.

Way to go, Yoni, Wickliffe, CD102.5, and everyone involved with the Dick & Jane Project.