The Hills Market Downtown Opens Tuesday March 19

It’s been a common complaint for years now. In downtown Columbus, unless your shopping list exceeds the stock inside the lottery ticket and liquor bodegas, there’s nowhere to buy groceries.

Well, check this out. Come Tuesday March 19, the Hills Market Downtown will open for business at 95 North Grant Avenue, between Long and Gay streets, right across from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

A proper grocery store in downtown Columbus? Yes. It’s been a long-time coming and the new Hills—which will arrive nearly 20 years after the original Hills Market opened just north of Columbus—beautifully fits the bill.

We recently stopped by for a sneak peek and a sampling of the goods. What we love about the place is its easy-to-navigate size (12,000 square feet), its selection (lots of Ohio-bred goods alongside carefully selected food and drink from around the world), and its warm, non-fussy vibe (farm market-meets-city grocery).

And if we can be frank for a moment, what we we really love at the Hills Market Downtown is the freezer section, which carries our sandwiches and ice creams, including the Hills’ Carrot Cake & Sweet Cream (see below).

The exclusive flavor—available for a limited time and available only at the Hills Market Downtown—features moist clusters of the Hills Market’s cinnamon-spiced carrot cake (with pecans, raisins, shredded carrots, and cream cheese frosting) in Sweet Cream ice cream—the grass-grazed, ultra-creamy base of every one of our ice creams.

So, stop by, grab a pint and check out the Hills Market Downtown.