The Jeni’s NYC Street Treats Truck Tour

When Josh Ozersky dropped us a line earlier this summer asking if we wanted to be the official ice cream of Meatopia, we, of course, said yes. Scooping next to 35 top chefs cooking all kinds of meat in every conceivable way? Yes, please.

Then we got to talking. Rather than just bringing our standard festival setup—a couple of mobile dipping cabinets and a tent, basically—what if we brought along our Street Treats truck and scooped out of it, too?

Who cares if Randall’s Island is a 10-hour drive from Columbus and the truck tops out at 55 mph. This is Meatopia. Balls to the wall.

And, if we’re going to drive Street Treats all the way to New York, we might as well stick around for a while and scoop in the city, too…

So this Saturday, September 8, the Jeni’s NYC Street Treats Truck Tour kicks off at Meatopia. You can find us in between Carcass Hill and the Whole Foods Stage  (map here), scooping our just-released Yazoo Sue with Rosemary Bar Nuts and our can’t-get-it-anywhere-else-but-here Rainbow Frozen Yogurt.

Then, the whole week after, you can catch the Street Treats truck scooping for free at some of our favorite retail partners throughout Brooklyn and NYC:

Stay tuned and follow along with the #jenisnyc hashtag—there could very well be some unannounced stops along the way…