The Sandwicherita: Docked Downtown Until Further Notice


In the wake of yesterday’s “news” that the new Ice Cream Sandwicherita would soon be gliding through the waters of the Scioto River to sell Hard Tack Macaroon sandwiches to Message in a Bottle app users, we’d like to thank a few good sports.

First: The dedicated people who maintain the Santa Maria, Capital City’s beloved historic replica of Christopher Columbus’ 1492 sailing ship. When you’re in Columbus, make sure to pay the ol’ gal a visit. Tours will start up once again Wednesday April 3. (For all information, go here.)

Second: You, dear readers, who rallied behind the not-so-absurd thought of motorizing the Sandwich Cannon-equipped delivery vessel up and down the southern leg of the Scioto.

Third: NBC Channel 4, which so kindly made the trek to the Sandwicherita/Santa Maria’s dock yesterday to film a sweet little segment with Jeni.

Happy spring, everyone, and happy Day After April Fool’s Day.