The sun always shines again

I find inspiration in people who aren’t afraid to be open about their struggles and the sunshine they often find on the other side. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of people and that’s why I know so many of us are touched by mental health challenges—no matter what it looks like on the outside.

Earlier this year, inspired by a great conversation I had with an incredible woman in Houston named Tayler and my discovery of Depressed Cake Shop, we decided to work on a new flavor for Mental Health Awareness Month in May. 

The flavor is called Sunshine. But it’s a trick: It looks the opposite of how it tastes—gray in color but tastes like a ray of sunshine on your tongue. It’s a play on the mind (because we eat with our eyes first) and a pleasant reminder that things aren’t always as they seem.

We had no inkling that this is what the world would look like when it came time to release this flavor. We thought about not putting it out but then realized that while the nature of the world has changed, the message is still the same. 

Sometimes when you are caught in a terrific storm, you feel like the only one who has ever been there before. What we often hear are people sharing their “I came out of this” story. But sometimes you’re IN it and it feels like you’ll never make it through. And that’s normal. And how many of us feel right now. 

Our hope is simply to remind us as a collective that when gray clouds descend on our lives, the sun always shines again. But, if this flavor also helps explain resilience to a child, or brighten a day for a grandmother or friend, then it will have been worth the effort.