The Super-Limited-Edition Zelda Collection

Update, 12:35 p.m. (EST) May 6, 2013: The Zelda Collection is sold out.

On a recent trip to the South, Jeni picked up a copy of Zelda, Nancy Milford’s landmark 1970 biography of Zelda Fitzgerald.

Jeni says she couldn’t put down this dynamic portrait of “the first America Flapper”, who, as Milford writes, lived life with “abundant pride” at a time when most women did not (in public anyway).

It’s from Zelda’s free spirit that arises the super-limited-edition Zelda Collection, a four-pint set of ice creams inspired by the Jazz Age and the life and times of a fearless woman who lived for the moment and expressed herself boldly in words and paintings.

The Zelda Collection— limited to just 60 sets—includes these brand-new flavors:

  • Blackberries + Sweet Cream
  • Cognac + Marmalade
  • Dark Chocolate Rye
  • Loveless Biscuits + Peach Jam

Availability & Price:

Jeni’s inspiration for the Zelda ice creams:

Each of these new flavors, which aren’t available anywhere else in the world, are made with immaculate top-shelf ingredients and our homegrown attention to detail. They reflect the tastes Zelda cultivated during a childhood in Alabama and on through her pedal-to-the-metal Roaring Twenties years with husband F. Scott Fitzgerald in New York, St. Paul, Paris, and the French Riviera.


In a thank-you note to a party host who had given the Fitzgeralds a cocktail shaker, Zelda channeled the comforts of a childhood spent roaming the streets of Montgomery, Alabama, running barefoot, climbing on roofs, and eating wild berries:

“I shall see that you are rewarded with a moonskin full of wine and shining sword that collapses like a rubber dagger—That your eyes are bathed with blackberry juice, which you know will make it so you never want to sleep, and that all your shaving suds turn into whipped cream” (excerpted from Nancy Milford’s Zelda).

What a pleasant way to say thank you.

Blackberries + Sweet Cream ice cream is exactly as it is billed: sweet cream from grass-grazed cows plus a flavorful, sweet-tart blackberry sauce made from scratch in our kitchen:


During her heyday in New York, Zelda seldom was seen without a Sidecar, the classic Brandy cocktail. Cognac + Marmalade ice cream is our version of that classic brandy cocktail—and in true Zelda spirit we spare no expense. We blend Armagnac brandy with grass-grazed cream, then swirl in our swanky from-scratch marmalade made with fresh imported Seville oranges:


In 1921 the Fitzgeralds were living in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota. In St. Paul, Zelda author Milford writes, “. . . rye flowed as though it were an elixir” at the “weekly hops at the club.”

Dark chocolate spiked with Middle West Spirits’ OYO White Rye Whiskey and caraway (as in The Great Gatsby’s Nick Carraway)—this ice cream will transport you straight to the raucous backroom of a Midwest speakeasy:


Zelda Fitzgerald’s favorite food was southern biscuits and peach jam. Who can argue with that? Jeni was inspired directly by the great Loveless Cafe in Nashville, whose angel biscuits and peach jam are so delectable. We make both from scratch in our kitchen. We know Zelda would approve of this heavenly combo: