Triple threat: Our newest spring flavors!

Our three new spring flavors are now available online and in shops. And trust us when we say: You are going to love them! These three flavors are the second wave of our spring collection, We’re Not From Here. They’re not going to be around long, so if you want to experience them, run, don’t walk to a shop—or order now.

(Read Jeni’s post if you want to dive a little deeper on each flavor and the collection as a whole.)

Genmaicha & Marshmallows is toasted rice green tea infused ice cream with vanilla bean marshmallows. When we steep genmaicha in cream, the cream ends up tasting like toasted rice with a slight nutty flavor. Add handmade vanilla bean marshmallows, and you end up with an ice cream that tastes a lot like a crispy rice cereal treat.

We bet you’ve never had osmanthus before. It’s a great addition to this collection because it’s a flower that smells a lot like peaches. When we steep dried osmanthus flowers directly into sweet cream to make Osmanthus & Blackberry Crackle, we get an ice cream so rich in stone fruit flavor we’re transported to sunny days at the farmers market. And because blackberries pair so well with peaches (they are seasonal sisters, after all), we added whole-fruit blackberry candies (look closely and you can see the blackberry seeds!) made by the candy wizards at Quin Candies in Portland.

Cocoa Curry Coco is a flavor Jeni has been making forever. It’s creamy, milk-first chocolate ice cream blended with beautiful curry spices—cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, and fenugreek—plus a little bit of toasted coconut in it for texture and flavor. Cocoa Curry Coco reminds us of a really great candy bar—familiar and exotic at the same time.