Two Frozen Yogurts New to the Menu Today

Fans of real-deal frozen yogurt, today is a great day.

Available now are two superstars, Lemon & Blueberries Frozen Yogurt (above) and Rainbow Frozen Yogurt (below).

Lemon &  Blueberries is a refreshing, ultra-creamy blend of lemon juice, Seven Stars Farm’s tangy biodynamic yogurt, grass-grazed Snowville cream, and swirls of blueberry sauce made from scratch in our kitchen. Simply put, it bursts with summery flavor and aroma.

Find Lemon & Blueberries in our scoop, and select markets and grocery stores.

Rainbow Frozen Yogurt, available in or scoop shops and, is a blend of three of our most popular frozen yogurts, Lime Cardamom, Red Raspberry, and Passion Fruit. Sherbet-like and über-creamy, it’s a lovely balance of sweet, tart, and tangy.

Rainbow Frozen Yogurt, a blend of Lime Cardamom, Red Raspberry, and Passion Fruit frozen yogurts.