Valentine’s Day Superstar: Roxbury Road

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The chocolate superstar of the bunch is Roxbury Road—one of the most labor-intensive flavors we make.

Dense, dark milk chocolate ice cream. Crunchy, salted smoked almonds. Pillowy, from-scratch marshmallows. Swirls of a sweet, buttery caramel sauce.

Roxbury Road, of course, is a play on rocky road, the traditional ice cream that’s made with chocolate ice cream and nuts. Ours is named after a street in Upper Arlington, Ohio, where Jeni graduated from high school. The street is lined with a variety of beautiful houses built in various architectural styles. The street, like Roxbury Road ice cream, is a mishmash of tastes and textures.

We love the flavor by itself atop a waffle cone, or in a bowl with scoops of Salty Caramel and Whiskey & Pecans.

Here’s how we Roxbury Road:

First, we blend light and dark brown sugar with vanilla and salt to make the caramel sauce (which will be set aside to be layered into Dark Chocolate ice cream):

Next, cream is added and the mixture boils for about 10 minutes:

The mixture is stirred to make sure the chunks of sugar dissolve:

The caramel mixture is poured into a container and lemon juice is blended in. Lemon juice prevents fats in the cream from separating:

Below left: Crunchy, salted, rough-chopped almonds.

Below right: Sheets of made-from-scratch marshmallows (prior to being diced into the cubes you’ll find in the ice cream):

Dicing marshmallows into cubes (which will be set aside and added to the ice cream later):

The base of Roxbury Road is Dark Milk Chocolate ice cream. To make it, we first start with top-shelf Dutch cocoa:

Then, we mix Snowville’s grass-grazed cream with the cocoa:

Once it’s evenly blended, we add it to the machine to freeze and morph into ice cream, then draw it from the machine and mix in almonds and marshmallows and layers of caramel sauce by hand:

And voilà! Roxbury Road:

Read more about Roxbury Road and learn how to make it in your own kitchen in the pages of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.