Valentine’s Weekend in Bangkok

We’re not sure what it is about our scoop shops, but they’ve always been beacons of love. They’ve hosted so many engagement photos and proposals. One even hosted a full-on wedding. And who knows how many first dates have been shared over scoops of Salty Caramel?

During Valentine’s weekend we hope to continue the tradition with a beloved throwback sundae. From Wednesday through Sunday in all scoop shops, the sweet, salty, ooey-gooey One Night in Bangkok plated sundae will be available to ignite your weekend. An over-the-top made-for-two beauty, this celebration of Valentine’s Day features spicy Bangkok Peanut ice cream, Salty Caramel Sauce, Spanish peanuts, a perfectly ripe sliced banana, fresh whipped cream, and basil.


To guarantee your date will carry on long into the evening, each One Night in Bangkok Sundae will be served with two waffle cone Convo Cookies. With questions such as “Do soulmates exist?” and “Who is your celebrity crush?” tucked inside, the cookies will help you get to know your date a little better—whether you’ve been together 50 years or 50 minutes.

And if you’re planning a romantic dinner at home, don’t sweat dessert. We have you covered.


Swing by any scoop shop, and we’ll hook you up with a limited-edition Valentine’s Day Take-Home Kit: your choice of one pint and one sauce, two Convo Cookies, a special-edition Valentine’s Day Card, and a Traveler Bag to tote home all the love. The kits are first come, first serve, and only 13 kits will be available per shop. So if you’re in the mood for a sundae for two at home, make sure to stop by sooner than later.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!