We’re Proud to Sponsor Farm Aid 2012

With our New York Street Treats Truck Tour behind us, we’re gearing up for another road trip: Farm Aid, this Saturday in Hershey, Penn.

While Farm Aid heads Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews play for the people, we’ll be serving 30,000 fans of good music and good food Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries and other ice creams made possible only by the handiwork of American farmers.

We’re extremely proud to be a sponsor of the long-running event, which has been held once every year throughout America since 1985. For the past decade, we’ve built ice creams from the ground up using ingredients grown by hard-working, dedicated farmers we know and trust. Snowville Creamery, Hirsch Fruit Farm, Seven Stars Farm—those people and so many more provide flavor that helps set us apart.

And without music? It’s doubtful we’d get through a day in the office, truck cab, or kitchen.

Farm Aid—good food, good music, great event.

What a perfect way to usher in fall.