What’s new on the menu in December

Sweet Corn Cone-1400

Sweet Corn Spoon Bread Ice Cream
(Summer sweet corn, honey-butter cornbread straight from our kitchen, and grass-grazed Ohio milk)


Corn Syrup Custard Sundae
(Bourbon Salted Pecans Ice Cream, Corn Syrup Custard, salted, roasted pecans,
Honey-Whipped Cream, an Amarena cherry, and a Convo Cookie on top)

Hot Beverages

Our French Press Intelligentsia coffee makes a delicious partner for ice cream, sorbet, and anything else on the menu. In addition to coffee by itself, we’ve added some new hot beverages to our lineup:


House Coffee
(Intelligentsia + Sweet Cream)


Coffee + Cocoa
(Askinosie Hot Chocolate + Intelligentsia + Honey-Whipped Cream)


Askinosie Drinking Chocolate
(with Honey-Whipped Cream)


Peppermint Hot Chocolate
(Askinosie Hot Chocolate + Dark Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream + Honey-Whipped Cream)