Is this the world’s fastest sundae?

Is this the world’s fastest sundae? We’ll find out this weekend. On Sunday, April 22, our friends Joe Grandominico and Josh Whitt will suit up in a Jeni’s sundae costume and attempt to beat the current world record (3 hours, 33 minutes, 22 seconds) for fastest two-person tandem marathon.

When the duo came to us with this goal in mind last year, we jumped at the chance to help them brainstorm the perfect costume. We knew it had to be lightweight and easy to wear (they do have to wear it for 26.2 miles after all). And so a scoop of Salty Caramel and Darkest Chocolate in an oblong bowl (with sprinkles, of course) seemed like the perfect fit. The sundae suit was then brought to life by talented Columbus designers Ira Tewcson and Lauren Primm.

All silliness aside, this run for the record is Joe and Josh’s way of raising awareness of and money for Racing for Recovery, a nonprofit seeking to prevent substance abuse by promoting a lifestyle of fitness and health. They’ll be running in the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio—so if you’re in the area, definitely get out there and cheer ‘em on! If you can’t make it, you can still donate to the cause. (We also highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch their fundraising video above.)

In the meantime, we caught up with the runners for insight on why they are running this race, why ice cream seemed the perfect costume flair, and how they’ll be celebrating at the finish line.

Can you share a little about yourself?

JOSH: I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I work for a startup software company and attend the University of Michigan on the weekends for my MBA. I started running pretty heavily for wrestling conditioning in college, and then I just stuck with it after graduating!

JOE: I live in Toledo, Ohio and work for a Fortune 500 company headquartered here in Toledo. I also attend U of M on the weekends for my MBA. We wrestled together at Ohio State, and beat each other up pretty good! I never really liked running, but I’m always looking for a way to push myself so one of my friends at work was able to (easily) convince me to get into running. I ran a half a few years ago, and a marathon with my wonderful, beautiful, loving wife in 2016. Josh and I also did another fun run called the Bourbon Chase together.

What made you want to run a marathon in tandem with one another?

JOSH: Joe’s wife knew a girl that beat the world record for the fastest marathon dressed as a hot dog, which we thought was pretty cool. We sat on the idea for a few Sundae’s (pun intended) and ended up deciding to try for the 2-person record!

JOE: When I heard about these types of world records I immediately called Josh and told him he had to break one. Luckily, Josh is a team player, and said it would be more fun to break one as a team.

Why did you pick Jeni’s as your costume inspiration? Are there any pros/cons to running as an ice cream sundae?

JOSH: I think we always knew deep down that one day we’d be the fastest dairy item on the planet, we just weren’t sure which one… When we approached Charly [Jeni’s head of stewardship] with the idea he got jacked up about it and the rest was history! Pros: You look more delicious than anyone else on the course. Cons: There’s no stopping for restroom breaks when you’re dressed in a full-body ice cream sundae outfit, tethered to your best friend.

JOE: Here we go, dropping the vegan bomb. My wife and I follow plant-based diets and I’m still a huge fan of ice cream. Jeni’s was a great choice for me because they are a fun company, and actually released some DOPE vegan ice creams I can get behind. I mean who wouldn’t love dairy-free Dark Chocolate Truffle?!

How did you decide who got to be Darkest and who got to be Salty?

JOSH: We feel that we’re both equally a little darkest and salty, so we ended up leaving the final decision to our friends who made the promo video for us!

JOE: Josh is definitely Salty. Plus I always planned on running in the back of the costume, which happened so be Darkest, so it worked out perfectly!

What is your goal?

JOSH: Time wise, a little under 3.5 hours, but the real goal is to raise $10K for Racing for Recovery—A nonprofit with a mission to prevent all forms of substance abuse by promoting a lifestyle of fitness and health for all those affected by addiction. Also, to get a marble statue of us in the costume carved and placed somewhere in downtown Columbus would be great, in case anyone who handles that stuff is reading this.

JOE: Ditto to what Josh said. We are really fortunate to be in the position we are, and giving back to Racing for Recovery is an amazing opportunity. Other than that, I think our goal is to have fun and inspire others. No matter what happens, we’re going to have a lot of fun with this.

How are you planning to celebrate post-race? Assuming a scoop of ice cream might be involved?

JOSH: Attempting to break the world record for most ice cream consumed in one sitting post-marathon.

JOE: Depends how things go! No matter what, ice cream will be involved. And honestly, I’ve been running too much, I can’t wait to put some weight back on!