Britton’s Royale Mixers

Time to toast the year that was and the one that’s on the way with Britton’s Royale Mixers. Four tart and tangy, subtly sweet fruit sorbets, these mixers are perfect in cocktails that will be remembered well into the new year. They make for a beautiful, delicious punch that serves 25 to 30 guests. They’re also perfect to use in sorbet cocktails and festive Champagne floats. The Champagne (or Prosecco) to use is entirely up to you. Recipes and serving ideas below. 200 collections available. Online exclusive.

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Sorbet & Champagne Floats

Each sorbet is the perfect mixer and ice in one: pulverized fruit, juices, and sugar—all frozen together. Pour a little bit of Champagne into a parfait glass, add a scoop of sorbet, and top with more Champagne. To garnish, add a slice of pear, a blackberry or cranberry, or a sprig of mint.

Britton’s Royale Punch

1 pint Black Currant Lambic Sorbet
1 pint Blood Orange Sorbet
1 pint Passion Fruit Sorbet
1 pint Red Raspberry Sorbet
2 750 mL-bottles dry Champagne
1½ cups Cognac

Serves 25–30 guests

Britton’s Royale Punch can be made two ways, the traditional way—and the way that calls for a very sharp knife. To go the conventional route, add the Champagne, Cognac, and the entire contents of each pint to your favorite punch bowl and serve.

To go the way of the knife, first make sure the pints are frozen solid. Add the Champagne and Cognac to your punch bowl, then place a pint on its side on a cutting board. With one hand on the bottom end of the pint, place your sharpest, non-serrated knife about ¾” from the top. Slice completely through the pint, rotating as you go (see below). Following each slice, remove the pint container rings and float the discs in the punch bowl. Repeat the process with the other three pints. Each pint should yield four to five discs.

Lady of the Lake

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts features several new sorbet cocktails, including the regal Lady of the Lake, a spirited homage to King Arthurian times.

¼ cup vodka or gin
2 tablespoons Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean
One 4-ounce scoop (about ¼ pint) Black Currant Lambic Sorbet
1 cocktail sword

Shake the vodka and ice cream in a shaker until the ice cream is just melted and incorporated. Place the scoop of sorbet in a chilled Champagne coupe and plunge the sword into it. Pour the vodka all around it and serve.