Buttercrisp Waffle Cone

In 2002 we made ice cream splendid. Now, in 2018, we’re taking it to the cone. Introducing our new, made in house daily, Buttercrisp Waffle Cone—Jeni’s unique recipe that has been decades in the making. Based on the recipe in Jeni’s  first book, our Buttercrisp Waffle Cone boasts prominent notes of real butter and vanilla, with a hint of salt to beautifully highlight the sweetness of our ice creams. The way a pie crust enhances the sweet filling inside a pie. Hands down, there’s no better waffle cone in the world.

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“Our ice creams are made to be licked. American Hardbody ice cream is all about the cone. Our ice creams are made to melt at the rate of licking—scoops designed to start out hard and then relax a little with every sweep of your tongue, releasing flavor as you go. If you pay attention, you will find layers you never knew existed. What I call excavating flavor. Everything we do at Jeni’s is in service to this experience. Which is why I am on a mission to get all of you to enjoy ice cream piled high on one of our cones.”

-Jeni Britton Bauer

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Jeni's Buttercrisp Waffle Cones

How jeni eats a cone

A cone is a little like a play or production. It starts one way, goes through a process, and ends as something different. Each stage reveals a new experience. If you begin with hard ice cream, by the end it’ll be very soft, if not completely melted.

At the top, the ice cream has a buttercream texture that is tempting not to bite into. The texture is almost chewy and feels really good on your lips.

Mid-way down—the ice cream is still frozen, but a bit warmer, and flavor pops out in a new, bolder way. The ice cream softens and the cone offers a lovely crunchy contrast. I love this moment.

I also love the last end of the cone when you pop the remainder into your mouth. It’s almost completely melted by then and lush in an entirely different way than it was at the top.