Everything Bagel has reentered the chat

Last year, ya’ll had A LOT to say about our Everything Bagel ice cream. Was it chaotic good or chaotic evil? Proof of the presence of God—or the absence? Did Jeni fly too close to the sun? Whether you loved or hated the idea of it, the one thing you couldn’t dispute was that it tasted just like an everything bagel.

Available now—in shops and online, while supplies last.

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@elijahbijah sadly, i’m not on Jeni’s PR list so i wasn’t sent this for free, BUT it’s ok ig bc the ice cream was 🥰 #jenisicecream #everythingbagel #jewish ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

@itskatesteinberg THE EVERYTHING BAGEL ICE CREAM REVIEW 🥯🍦🤯 #fyp @jenisicecreams ♬ original sound – Kate Steinberg