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Flavor from the Midwest Collection

The Distant Familiar refers to the Midwest in the American imagination. It is at once far away and unseen, yet immediately recognizable in place, personality, and flavor. Almost forgotten, but always present. Everywhere and nowhere.

Saison with Sunflower Seeds & Golden Flax

Grass-grazed milk imbued with earthy Rockmill Brewery ale, and packed with double-toasted sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds. A sweet-and-salty summer respite. See more >

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Dense, extra-tart pineapple frozen yogurt, with roasted red cherries and golden Pineapple Lady Cake soaked in Salty Caramel Sauce. A Midwestern ode to summer. See more >

Cantaloupe & Sun Tea Sorbet

Smooth, creamy, aromatic cantaloupe blended with freshly steeped, sweet black tea. Refreshing—with flavor as full and round as a summer day is long. See more >

As a child you grow up imagining the past: finding arrowheads, looking at American Indian earth mounds, and visiting state parks named after tribes (Kickapoo, for instance). We spend a lot of time wandering the woods looking for the past (and the gnomes who might be there presently) in the form of fossils, Indian relics, and ghosts, and thinking about nature and those who inhabited our place here.

Cherries Kickapoo

Beautifully bittersweet blackstrap molasses and caraway ice cream, with tangy pockets of juicy red cherries. Every bite’s a jubilee. See more >

Chocolate Truffle with Backyard Mint

Backyard Mint ice cream made with grass-grazed Ohio milk and organic Ohio peppermint, between rich dark chocolate truffle cookies. See more >

At it’s core, the Midwest is about dreaming, about the idea that things are better and more exciting elsewhere, that everything could be better. That very feeling drives us, motivates us. That quiet restlessness is ever-present, as if it were instilled in us by the pioneers.