Full, fruity cocoa mellowed by sweet, milky cream. It’s a burst of pure chocolate, as flecks melt on your palate and finish with the flavor and scent of grass-grazed milk.

Flavor Story

Missouri bean-to-bar guru Shawn Askinosie supplies the cocoa and chocolate we use in this special chocolate-on-chocolate ice cream. Shawn takes chocolate making to the next level. He makes his own cocoa liquor from cocoa beans, so he can make his own cocoa butter, so he can make the finest chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

We love Shawn for the way he makes his chocolate and for the way it tastes, but we also love Shawn for the way he operates in the tropical world of cocoa bean farming. Traveling to the jungles of the globe to constantly nurture relationships with cocoa farmers and their communities, Shawn shares the profits with the farmers who carefully cultivate and harvest the beans.

Shawn’s business model is simple: to shorten the supply chain between his customers and the farmers who make the chocolate possible. Truly, there is no middle man between Askinosie Chocolate and the people who grow and harvest Askinosie’s beans, and you can taste the difference this makes in every bite of Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate ice cream.

Pint of Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate

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