Potent, organic, just-picked Ohio peppermint leaves steeped in grass-grazed milk. Subtly sweet with a cool and completely refreshing herb-garden finish.

Flavor Story

Jorgensen Farms, a 65 acre certified organic spread just beyond Columbus city limits, is where Val Jorgensen grows a number of herbs, including the sweet organic peppermint we use to make the completely refreshing ice cream we call Backyard Mint.

Back in the day, Val literally grew our entire peppermint crop in a bed against the farmhouse in her backyard. But as the years have come and gone, and as the seasonal ice cream has grown in popularity, Val has kindly moved her mint beds out to the fields along Rocky Fork Creek to ensure we always have a big cache.

To make this year’s batches, we’re receiving 522 lbs of the incredibly aromatic, sweet-smelling peppermint. As soon as it arrives at the kitchen, it’s chopped and cold-soaked in the ice cream base. The peppermint has a high concentration of oils, which beautifully perfumes the ice cream with a cool, crisp, sweet scent.

Pint of Backyard Mint


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