Roasted peanuts, Ohio honey, loads of toasted fresh-ground coconut. Subtle cayenne pepper finish. A complex combination of salty, savory, sweet, and heat melts on the palate.

Flavor Story

For years in Columbus, Ohio’s North Market, where Jeni opened her first shop, a spicy who-makes-the-best-pad Thai rivalry heated up. One shop made the Best Pad Thai in the Market!, another ballyhooed their Best Pad Thai in Columbus!, and someone else bragged on their Best Pad Thai in Ohio!

As the war raged on, Jeni fanned the flames. Using natural peanut butter, Ohio milk, toasted fresh ground coconut, and cayenne pepper, Jeni—with tongue firmly in cheek—created the Best Pad Thai in the WORLD!: Thai Chili ice cream.

Jeni’s pad Thai-inspired ice cream was an homage to Nida, the talented owner of Nida’s Sushi in the North market. Nida’s pad Thai was and is everything pad Thai should be: light, super-fresh tasting, exquisitely spiced, and slightly sweet, with multiple layers of flavor.

Today, to let everyone know up front that the ice cream contains peanuts,  Thai Chili ice cream’s new name is Bangkok Peanut. The flavor profile remains the same, with each ingredient hitting you in succession: sea salt, rich peanut butter, nutty toasted coconut, and then the pleasant kick of sharp cayenne pepper.

The next time you’re in the North Market, make sure to try Nida’s pad Thai, then stroll over to our shop for the ice cream version: Bangkok Peanut.

Pint of Bangkok Peanut

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