Ohio black walnuts with Ohio wildflower honey and grass-grazed Ohio milk. The scent of the forest floor in Autumn.

Flavor Story

On special occasions, Jeni’s grandmother Bette used to make black walnut divinity, an old-timey, meringue-like candy. Black Walnut Divinity ice cream, which we make with southern Ohio black walnuts, is Jeni’s tribute to Bette and that wonderful treat.

Jeni originally made Black Walnut Divinity in the first days of the company, and recently resurrected it for our 2014 Winter Woods Collection. The black walnuts are from Integration Acres, a farm near Athens, Ohio, that specializes in tracking down and foraging the fruits of native species.

We believe Ohio black walnuts deserve a place along the world’s most prized and flavorful nuts. Black Walnut Divinity takes full advantage of the nuts’ strong flavor. We toast and puree the walnuts, and while they’re still hot we mix them into cream. The process allows the walnut oils to adhere to the oils in the butterfat, locking in the walnuts’ distinct flavor. Whole roasted black walnuts are then folded into the ice cream before the ice cream is placed in the freezer to lock in the flavor.

Black Walnut Divinity—it’s a perfect example of the unique experience only ice cream can generate.

Pint of Black Walnut Divinity


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