Milk chocolate ice cream spiked with cinnamon, cayenne, and our from-scratch Shagbark (corn chip) Gravel.

Flavor Story

There used to be a special South American and Caribbean restaurant in Columbus called Tapatio.

Located across the street from Jeni’s shop in the North Market, Tapatio was always one of Jeni’s favorite places to eat and unwind. Its owner and chef, Bruce Hildreth, was a friend and mentor to Jeni, and he gave a lot of the years: recipes for brownies and gazpacho, equipment from his restaurant, and countless hours of advice.

Bruce died of cancer in 2005. Everyone who knew Bruce and enjoyed the hell out of Tapatio will always miss him and his fantastic food. One day near the end of his life, Bruce visited Jeni in her shop. He said he had one last thing to give her. “One word,” he said, “Chocomole.” He said that would be the name for a future flavor of ice cream, and Jeni promised him she’d make something special and think of him whenever she made it.

The first thing Jeni created in honor of Bruce was the Chocomole Sundae, which was served for years in our shops. Now we have Chocomole, a spicy-sweet milk chocolate ice cream, with salty, crunchy Gravel made with corn chips from Athens, Ohio’s Shagbark Seed & Mill.

Bruce—this one’s for you.

Pint of Chocomole


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