Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso

Ground Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso beans steeped in cream. The sweet, complex flavor and pungent aroma of fresh espresso is encapsulated and translated perfectly.

Smarter Coffee

Open a bag of fresh, roasted coffee beans and breathe in. That rich, earthy aroma is exactly how our Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ice cream tastes. We capture that scent by steeping syrupy and sweet espresso beans directly into cream. We’ve been partnering with Chicago-based roaster Intelligentsia for years. They’re coffee pioneers. They started the Direct Trade coffee movement, working directly with farmers all over the world to ensure better quality and fair compensation. Their roasts, coffee bars, and baristas have earned praise from more publications than we can count. And using their high-quality, well-balanced beans makes all the difference.


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