Osmanthus & Blackberry Crackle

Osmanthus flowers steeped in cream. Rich with notes of stone fruit and speckled with tart handmade blackberry crackle from Quin Candy.

Like peaches & blackberries!

The first time Jeni smelled osmanthus—a flower with an aroma reminiscent of peaches—she knew this needed to become an ice cream. We start by steeping dried, yellow osmanthus flowers in cream for an ice cream so rich in stone fruit flavor that you’ll be transported to sunny days at the farmers market, tables covered in tender-skinned peaches. And since blackberries are always in season at the same time, we mix in whole-fruit blackberry candies (look closely and you can see the blackberry seeds!) made by the candy wizards at Quin Candies in Portland. It’s the perfect pop of texture and tartness to round out a sweet and floral ice cream.

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