Dense milk chocolate ice cream. Crunchy smoked almonds. Handmade, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows. A swirl of caramel sauce. The only thing better is love.

Flavor Story

Roxbury Road, a street in the Columbus neighborhood where Jeni lived during high school, is lined with beautiful old houses built in a variety of classic architectural styles. And, like the street it’s named for, Roxbury Road ice cream boasts a beautiful patchwork of textures, colors, and tastes.

Spoonful after spoonful, Roxbury Road is pure, gooey, decadent, instant gratification. A few years ago, the Food Network featured Roxbury Road in segment of Unwrapped. Those not in the know prior to the airing, learned about it, sought it out, and basically went nuts for this devilish detour from traditional “rocky” road ice cream.

We’re proud of the work and the ingredients we put into every single flavor we make, but we’d be lying if we didn’t brag just a little bit more about the very laborious flavors we create. Roxbury Road, with caramel sauce, marshmallows made from scratch in our kitchen, toasted smoked almonds, and super-dense milk chocolate ice cream—Roxbury Road is a Jeni’s showpiece.

Pint of Roxbury Road


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