Saison With Sunflower Seeds & Golden Flax

Grass-grazed milk imbued with earthy Rockmill Brewery ale, and packed with double-toasted sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds. A sweet-and-salty summer respite.

Flavor Story

We make the base of Distant Familiar Midwest Collection’s Saison With Sunflower Seeds & Golden Flax with grass-grazed Ohio milk and Saison ale by Ohio’s Rockmill Brewery, which is less than an hour’s drive from Columbus. The earthy Saison pairs beautifully with the sunflower and golden flax seeds, which are toasted in our bakery and added by the fistful to every batch in our kitchen. Truly, this ice cream’s a Summer stunner.

Pint of Saison With Sunflower Seeds & Golden Flax

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