Salted peanut butter yields to the crunch of exceptional dark chocolate for perfect balance. Our version of Ohio’s favorite confection.

Flavor Story

Buckeye trees grow all over Ohio, the Buckeye State. And balls of rich peanut butter and creamy dark chocolate—“Buckeye” candies that look like buckeye trees’ nuts—are ubiquitous in Ohio. They’re as common a sight on the shelves of Ohio grocery stores, gas stations, and gourmet shops as are the traffic snarls leading to Ohio State University Buckeyes’ football games from September through (everyone hopes and prays) January’s bowl season.

The Buckeye State ice cream—salted peanut butter and grass-grazed milk with bits of made-from-scratch dark chocolate stracciatelle (“little shreds”)—is our loving tribute to Ohio. It’s a flavor that’s total comfort for Buckeyes—and Buckeyes at heart.

Pint of The Buckeye State

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