Wildflower honey ice cream with white chocolate ganache and smoked almonds. Originally part of our 2013 Holiday in the Alps collection.

Alpine Flavor

As a toddler, Jeni lived with her family on an army base in Stuttgart, Germany, before later settling in Illinois. What she remembers most about her long-ago time near the Alps are the care packages from Germany that always appeared at her house in Peoria during the holidays. Gifts filled with milk chocolates and toblerone bars. Every holiday is defined in her memory in this way – alpine photographs, tastes, and holiday decor. The Matterhorn is Jeni’s childhood memory of toblerone candy bars wrapped into an ice cream. Honey ice cream—with deep blue and blackberry notes from Portland’s Bee Local honey—flecked with rich and uber-creamy white chocolate and smoked almonds that give the flavor an awesome, by-the-fire bite.


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