Tongue-tingling chocolate with jalapeno and smoked paprika. Spiked with rose. Inspired by and designed to be paired with Stone Brewing’s mocha stout, Xocoveza.

Hot Chocolate

Xocorosa is our collaboration ice cream with Stone Brewing, inspired by the California craft brewery’s seasonal mocha stout with a cult-like following, Xocoveza. Whereas Stone’s brew is heady and robust with flavors of coffee, chocolate, chili pepper, and cinnamon, our ice cream is earthy and rich with dark chocolate and spices that playfully roll over your palate like a wave. You’ll first get cinnamon, nutmeg, and smoky paprika, then a soft tongue-tingling from bright and grassy jalapeno. A scent of rose adds a honeyed, soft finish. The result is an ice cream and a beer both delicious on their own, but great when enjoyed together.

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