Pulverized blackcurrants and sweet, sour, effervescent Lambic beer. Rich and regal.

Smooth like Velvet

Blackcurrant Lambic Sorbet is sweet on the palate, slightly acidic, and almost fizzy on the finish. Made with pulverized black currants and Lindemans Cassis Lambic, this is one of those sour beer sorbets with bursting berry flavor as striking as its natural hue. We have been making sour beer sorbets for years, because we love the way the bitterness of the beer’s hops keeps the sugar and fruit from overpowering. Float a scoop of Blackcurrant Lambic Sorbet in a coupe glass with Champagne, or riff on a SnakeBite and Black with lager, cider, and a few spoonfuls of this velvety sorbet.


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