Tart, true cherry flavor. Sweet and sour, effervescent Lambic beer on the mid-palate. Clean, refreshing, and exhilarating finish.

Flavor Story

This long-running dairy-free staple, a sweet-and-sour sorbet fueled by naturally sour Belgian beer, holds a dear spot in our hearts. Not only does its bright cherry flavor pair well with so many ice creams and frozen yogurts, its existence is the reason we were able to strike up a partnership with Lulu Sturdy and the vanilla farmers at Ndali Estate in Africa.

In 2007 Jeni entered Cherry Lambic Sorbet in a Gallo Family Vineyards artisanal foods contest and won the Outstanding Fruit or Vegetable category. Jeni used the $5,000 prize to buy her first batch of Ndali Estate vanilla, which we continue to use to this day. We’re the only company in the U.S. to use the particular vanilla Ndali reserves for us.

Cheers to you, Cherry Lambic Sorbet.

Pint of Cherry Lambic Sorbet

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