Wheatgrass, Pear, & Vinho Verde Sorbet

A plush blend of wheatgrass, pears at the peak of perfection, and vinho verde, an effervescent “green” (young) Portuguese wine. Gorgeous, and as light, crisp, and comforting as a breezy summer day.

Flavor Story

When it comes to sorbets, you’ve got your work-a-day Joes and then you’ve got your special-occasion, limited-edition superstars.

Take, for instance, the Los Feliz-exclusive, Wheatgrass Pear, & Vinho Verde Sorbet. This stuff is straight-up plush. A sunny blend of wheatgrass, mashed pears, and light, young (“green”) Portuguese wine, the gluten-free sorbet is crisp in flavor and creamy in texture. It’s nothing if not one of the freshest-tasting flavors we’ve ever made

We originally created Wheatgrass, Pear, & Vinho Verde Sorbet for a 2012 summer collection loosely inspired by American writers. A casual nod to Walt Whitman’s—you guessed it—Leaves of Grass, the palate-refreshing sorbet is meant to enjoy by itself in a cup or a cone, or in a simple champagne cocktail.

Pint of Wheatgrass, Pear, & Vinho Verde Sorbet


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