At home and work in rural northern Louisiana, Kelly Moore Clark wears a lot of hats: mom, photographer, designer, part-time chicken wrangler. When she couldn’t find an all-in-one bag to meet her many needs, she did what we all wish we could do: she designed one herself. Since 2009, Kelly Moore Bags have been the utilitarian yet striking go-to carryall, not only for photographers, but for anyone out there trying to balance work with play—in style.

We adore Kelly’s moxie, attention to detail, and no-nonsense approach, which is why we’re thrilled she’s agreed to curate a Jeni’s collection of her own. “Jeni’s is the only ice cream that makes my eyes roll back in my head,” she says. “I haven’t been lucky enough to visit a brick and mortar shop yet, but hope to very soon!”