We believe all kids in America have the power to shape their own futures and the future of the world. We encourage kids to think differently through the lens of creativity, community, and commerce by opening a Made Stand.

When I was a kid, my grandmother said, “If you can’t find a job, make one!” So, using the skills she taught me, My sister, Julie, and I started Made Stands every summer. A Made Stand is like a lemonade stand, only you can make anything you want! And I wanted to make cool stuff that I thought people might love. Like little baskets, bracelets, shoelaces, custom stickers, doll clothes, screen printed tees, or offered babysitting or landscaping services.

That’s how I started Jeni’s. I loved ice cream and I thought I could make it better. I started in my home kitchen, and then at The North Market in Columbus, Ohio! It was an ice cream Made Stand! From that small beginning over two decades ago, I built Jeni’s by working hard, churning every dollar back in, and building an awesome team.

If you want to do what I do, then do what I did: Start small, and build. Every failure is an advancement. Every attempt makes you better. Don’t limit yourself. Find your own way. Shoot for the moon.

This summer, I want you to see the world through the lens of entrepreneurship: creativity, community, and commerce. If you can do this on your own street, in your community, school, church, or city, then you can start small and build just like I did.  Once you see the world this way, you can’t unsee it. You can apply it to whatever you love, and even all subjects in school!

So! Your challenge is to turn $10 into $100 by the end of the summer. Use free materials, recycled stuff, ingredients, your brain, brawn, and buddies. There is no prize and there are no rules. Do it however YOU interpret it. And let me know how you do! Use the hashtag #madestand or tag us at @made.stand on Instagram. I’ll be there, along with some friends, to support you along the way with inspiration, advice, and tips!

Let’s go!
– Jeni

Let’s make cool stuff people want!

We challenge you to turn $10 into $100 by the end of the summer using your brain, brawn, and buds.

We challenge you to engage and support young founders. Throw $10 in your pocket and be on the lookout for Made Stands!

We challenge you to inspire kids with your stories, ideas, and encouragement for the $10 Challenge!