Jeni’s Ship Back Program

Ship it back

As a B Corporation, we do everything possible at Jeni’s to reduce our impact on the environment.

Whether you’re an online customer or a grocery partner, you now have the opportunity to return the Styrofoam coolers we use to transport your ice cream to your home or store.

A pre-printed, postage-paid return label, along with instructions on returning the cooler and box, now accompanies every order. The cost to you is entirely free.

How it works

1) Remove the ice cream

2) Leave the cooler and lid inside the box

3) Remove or fully cover any hazardous material labels

4) Reseal the box with the inside flaps on the outside, so the new label is visible for shipping

5) Schedule a pickup at, or drop it any USPS or FedEx location or Jeni’s scoop shop