Valentine’s Flower Arrangements

Any floral arrangement is a creative, beautiful, and timeless gift for your Valentine. But there’s always more pleasure to be had in making—and giving—your own.

As a guide for you, we’ve made two arrangements. You can easily replicate either—or use our arrangements as inspiration to make your own signature designs. All you need: flowers of your choosing, sharp scissors, water, and a vase (a pitcher, glass jar—whatever vessel you have on hand).

If you’re daunted by the idea of designing your own arrangement, don’t be. Here’s a simple approach: just choose three flowers of different varieties. Selecting three different flowers with multiple colors and textures will ensure your floral design has character and pizzazz for days.

When you go to buy flowers, first pick the flower you want to stand out in the arrangement. Large, colorful ones with lots of personality work very well. Make sure to keep height in mind—your statement flower should be the tallest flower in the vase. We picked white ranunculus for its curvy stems and soft, white petals, which give the flower lots of personality.

For your second flower choose one with slightly smaller blooms to complement the statement flower in color and style. The height doesn’t matter on this one as long as you can trim it shorter than the first. We chose a deep pink flower that really pops against the white ranunculus. The final flower should have small blossoms. It can even be a type of berry or just greenery with an interesting texture.

Now, study your statement flowers, and decide how tall you want the arrangement. Cut the statement flowers at a 45 degree angle (creating more surface area allows flowers to easily absorb water). Add the flowers to your vase of lukewarm water.

Then, cut the smallest flowers you chose the same way (at a 45 degree angle), but make sure to vary the lengths of the stems so your arrangement has some variety. Surround the statement flowers with these flowers.

Cut the other flowers you chose, filling any gaps to make the arrangement look full.
Take a good look at your arrangement from all sides and rearrange and tweak it as you see fit, then give your beautiful creation to someone you love and watch them ooh and ah over your thoughtful creativeness.

Now, if you want to create a larger, fuller arrangement, you’ll first want to choose flowers that bloom in a variety of different ways to create dimension and give a naturally beautiful shape to your arrangement. For example, foxgloves and delphiniums create graceful, tall arcs, and wax flowers make small clouds of low blossoms.

Fuller larger arrangements also allow for more color options. Along with our whites and pinks we added red and blue blossoms. It also helps to add some type of greenery to round out the arrangement and make the blooms stand out.

After trimming your flowers and filling a vase with lukewarm water you can start placing your flowers. Start from the middle of the arrangement, working outwards and upwards.

Choose several of the medium-height flowers you want in the center and make this your starting point. Add some of the smaller flowers, and then the larger ones, and continue to play around with the way they sit in the vase.

It’s important to remember you don’t need to work with one variety of flower at a time. Adding multiple kinds as you go along allows you to get a better idea of the arrangement as a whole.

The final touches to your arrangement: adding some of your greenery, as well as the tallest flowers to create movement. Don’t neglect to look at the arrangement from all sides to make sure it hasn’t become lopsided or full of gaps.

A note on arrangements: to make them last as long as possible, change the water in the vase and pluck brown petals and wilted blooms every couple of days.