Sweet/tart cherries balanced by the natural tang of pure goat cheese. Like a rich, luscious cherry cheesecake, but less dense.

Flavor Story

This elegant and beautiful ice cream, with bright-tasting cherry sauce layered throughout a goat cheese and grass-grazed milk ice cream, is like a lighter version of cheese cake (minus the graham cracker crust).

We’ve worked for years with Mackenzie Creamery to use their super-fresh goat cheese. Owner Jean Mackenzie usually brings the cheese to us the same day it’s made. Jean’s northeast Ohio creamery produces a mild, supremely creamy goat cheese made with 100% hormone-free milk. The cheese packs a ton of naturally tart, tangy flavor, and it works beautifully with the sweet-tart red cherry sauce that we make from scratch and swirl into each batch.

Pint of Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

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